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Cycling Day 41: Borgloon To Maastricht

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. Tonight has been chuffing cold! I have now crawled into the tent at the campsite a few kilometres south of Maastricht wearing four upper layers of clothing, a beanie on my head and a Buff around my neck. […]

Cycling Day 24: Lacanau-Ocรฉan To Royan

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. Today was a good day.  The usual routine at the campsite this morning with one addition; I spent about 30 minutes attempting to remove all the accumulated gunk from the bike’s chain and mechanism that has developed since […]

Paul, Mercedes Days And Seville

Here is Paul from The Netherlands who wins the accolade of being the first touring cyclist I have not only seen since leaving Tarifa but also the first that I have had a good chat with. He’s an interesting chap, widely travelled and was careful – he kept […]

Cycling In Germany

I was managing to write one of these country commentaries at the rate of one per weekend earlier in December but I’ve had a break for a few weeks over Christmas. Remember that they are not a complete overview of cycling in the particular country through which I […]

Cycling In Denmark

I have arrived at country number three – in a reverse sense – after previously writing about Cycling In Norway and Cycling In Sweden. Denmark will, of course, be country number five after Spain, France, Belgium and Germany but in my quest not to neglect the latter part […]