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Reflections over distances

Need to get back to thinking about next year’s little adventure to Italy. I am so glad to have completed the trip this summer, albeit a much shorter journey and over a longer period of time that I will need take next summer. I did 350 miles over […]

EuroVélo 5 Facebook Group

The EuroVélo 5 route has a Facebook group… so I joined of course. The other two members are Ian Hendry – the man from Adelaide who I’ve mentioned and quoted from before and a guy called Massimo Mazzone who writes in his opening post:“Let’s improve the route! It’s […]

La Via Francigena – remember that?

The July issue of the Italain National Geographic (Volume 24, number 1) has an article all about the Italian part of the Via Francigena: “Un viaggio ‘dolce’ lungo la via percorsa nell’antichità dai pellegrini diretti alla tomba di Pietro attraverso Val d’Aosta, Piemonte, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Toscana e […]

More research, more questions!

40 years ago today, Man first walked on the Moon. I walked home from Reading earlier this afternoon counting the number of people I passed who I thought were likely candidates for an adventure cycling to southern Italy. I counted zero. So on a day that we celebrate […]