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Cycling from Ireland to Puglia: Update

Remember Rachel McCormack & partner Giovanni who are cycling from Ireland to Puglia for the Irish Cancer Society? They are following a sightly more easterly route than me but it is interesting to see that they used the Saint Gotthard pass to cross the Alps – see the […]

Galway to…..

The email that people use to contact me is puglia2010@hotmail.co.uk (use it!). However, I only periodically trawl through the junk mail and junk mail filters are not perfect. Fergal in Ireland has become a victim of the over zealous filters at Microsoft but I did manage to pick […]

The Cotton Collection at the British Library

“The manuscript collections of the antiquary, Huntingdonshire landowner and administrator, Sir Robert Cotton (1571-1631) contain many maps, charts and plans. Cotton’s collecting was driven by a blend of patriotism and a passion for antiquity. The latter accounts for the presence of one of the earliest detailed European world […]