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The Waterford Greenway, Ireland

Here’s the visual story of my day cycling along the Waterford Greenway in Ireland last week. It was certainly Waterford and it was certainly green… I had camped in Dungarvan – my destination at the southern end of the Greenway – on Thursday night…   …and a friendly […]

Notes From Ireland: Home To Dungarvan

And these really are notes. The plan is to write up an article about my four days in Ireland (for publication?) once back in the U.K.  Early start / tiresome drive across Lancashire-Cheshire / North Wales much nicer / echos of the French Riviera (sea, hills, fast corniche […]

Cycling Day 24: Lacanau-Ocรฉan To Royan

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. Today was a good day.  The usual routine at the campsite this morning with one addition; I spent about 30 minutes attempting to remove all the accumulated gunk from the bike’s chain and mechanism that has developed since […]