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Rest Day 4: Belfast

Welcome to… Apparently it is owned by a property developer, which isn’t that surprising. I have spent the day wandering the city centre; from 11am on an organised ‘free’ walking tour with a couple from Hamburg, Germany although she was originally from Belfast. They were good company, as […]

The General Election 2019: Cycling

Have you noticed that there will be a British general election in December? Hopefully you plan on voting. (If not, why not for goodness sake?!) As I did in 2017, I have looked at the different party manifestos for mentions of the word ‘cycling’. All the main UK-wide […]

The Sound Of Cycle Touring

Some names are easily forgettable. David Evans, Margaret Butcher, Terry Wilson… (I just made those up. Apologies if you are offended because you have one of those names.) My own name isn’t that exciting; Andrew Sykes. That’s why I stuck the ‘P’ in there for the purpose of […]