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The Great British Cycle Tour 2020: Days 19 – 28

If you are a lover of silent films, this will be a treat for you; the final instalment of The GReat British Cycle Tour 2020 videos. (It has no sound…) It’s longer than the previous ones covering ten days from Liverpool along the coast of north Wales to Anglesey and then across the principality via the Lon Las Cymru before a final sprint for the 4th and final capital, London…

Cycling Day 17: Portrush To Belfast

If you follow the @CyclingEurope Twitter account, you may have seen the tweet I sent this morning from Portstewart, just a few kilometres along the coast from Portrush where I had stayed overnight in a B&B. I made the following comment: โ€œWelcome to Portstewart. The end of the […]

Rest Day 4: Belfast

Welcome to… Apparently it is owned by a property developer, which isnโ€™t that surprising. I have spent the day wandering the city centre; from 11am on an organised โ€˜freeโ€™ walking tour with a couple from Hamburg, Germany although she was originally from Belfast. They were good company, as […]