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Cycling Day 4: Levidi To Olympia

I’m not sure why I ever thought that I’d be able to cycle all the way from Corinth to Olympia in one day and then have time to have a look around the ruins here before setting off the following day for Patras. It was never going to […]

Cycling Day 3: Corinth To Levidi

If cycling day 1 had been a little bit of a shakedown for Reggie, today has been a shakedown for his rider! I set off early this morning from the campsite in Corinth with high hopes of settling into another campsite in Olympia later in the day. I […]

Cycling Day 2: Athens to Corinth

It took me an age to pack last night in the hotel. As per usual I had emptied all the panniers as soon as I had arrived on Sunday in order to find things which obviously necessitated replacing them before I left. If only I had a memory […]

Cycling Day Zero, Athens, Greece

After writing the post last night I lay on the sofa back in the flat in Reading but didn’t sleep a wink. By the time my colleague Stรฉphane arrived to pick me up at 4am I had moved all my things into the street including of course a […]

Here We Go Again: Cycling The Eurovelo 8

The day has arrived. It’s now past midnight and we are into Sunday 30th June 2013. My flight leaves Heathrow Terminal 5 in under seven hours. And yes, I’m nervous. Not that I have had a great deal of time to think about suchย trivialitiesย as nerves today as I […]