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The Parish Notices

Just catching up with some people who have been in contact with me and who I have contacted over the past few months…. George Jemmott continues his journey to Calais and you can read his blog here. It will be interesting to see his GPS data when he […]


This is a great blog (not mine, the one in the title, although mine is OK too…): blog.ch3.gr . Georgios writes: “In August 2009, after being in the Uk for 7 years, I decided it was time to move back to Greece. My ambitious plan was to cycle […]

Honeymooning (and Woofing?) Rob Lewis

Just recieved the following email. Rob’s comments in red, my comments in blue: Hi Andrew Just been looking at your blog which is very helpful and inspiring. Thanks! Me and my girlfriend are planning to cycle London to Istanbul in May (for our honeymoon) and are considering route […]

Puglia 2010 Worldwide!

Canada, The USA, The UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Thailand, Australia, Japan… plus all the others who have been and now gone from the map. Amazing who is interested in this drivel!

ECF EuroVélo Map

I do actually know more about the route of the EuroVélo 5 than I thought: I have just dug out the ECF EuroVélo map itself and on the back is the following route description. “This is another pilgrim route, also called Via Romea Francigena leading from Canterbury to […]

Hartside Top

You can understand why people go to Greece when you stand on top of this hill. Just cycled up and had breakfast in a cafe that Bill Bryson would write a whole chapter about. It’s now downhill most of the way…