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Eurovelo 8; Remember That?

Owen’s email below is well-timed. It being the 1st September today, the summer is over if you consider the season to be the three monthsย  from June to August. It’s also more or less over if you are a teacher as most of us go back to work […]

“Written With Humour”, Seriously!

‘Mattie’ in the Channel Islands is planning a trip from St. Malo to Athens. He asked on one of CTC’s forums for advice as to whether to take the Italian route (which would potentiallyย use part of the Eurovelo 5)ย or the Balkan route (which would use part of the […]

London To Greece

A couple of cyclists are joining the roll call of those having cycled the Eurovelo 5 south although these two are going a little bit further than most. John Howe writes; This summer I am cycling from London to Greece, with a friend, Kit Alexander. The final destination […]

Kevin Koga? Perhaps Not…

Darren from ??? (his Facebook page only gives a few clues – Australia? Camden town? Somewhere where it has been snowing recently from his picture so anywhere in the UK?) has messaged me on said social network… Hello Andrew, I am a complete novice cyclist and am considering […]

Eurovelo 8: The Mediterranean Route

The following is from the back of the ECF Eurovelo Map; Cadiz-Athens-Cyprus 5,888km “The Mediterranean area is very popular for tourists, but until now not so much for bicycle tourism. However, various initiatives have improved facilities, especially in Spain & Italy. And similar initiatives are in the pipeline […]

Cisternino To Brindisi

The statistics you know (they are in the previous post). What you may have missed is the figure for the average speed today – 23.5 kms/hr – being the highest of the whole trip. It was a wonderfully easy ride and, with the wind slightly behind me, had […]

Laura Birchenough in Figures

Laura Birchenoughย has just returned home from a cycle ride that took in the last part of the Eurovelo 5 – she stayed with Massimo Mazzone in Benevento – and then most of eastern / central Europe back to the UK. It seems to be the done thing to […]