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One Month To The Off…

The picture here would have been far better with a wild vista in the background but when you live in a third floor flat it’s tiresome taking everything out of the building for the sake of one photo to mark the fact that in exactly one month we […]

A Visit To Tent Heaven…

Tent heaven  or the nearest I have ever come to tent heaven  can be found on the third floor of an old mill in the Calder Valley of West Yorkshire. It’s home to Springfield Camping and is the kind of shop that you really could live your entire life exploring. […]

Dispatch From The Eurovelo 8 Frontline

Those of you who are paying attention (no? not you?) will remember that Monica Piercy is also cycling from Greece to Portugal but that she is about two months ahead of me. On a purely selfish basis, this is extremely useful indeed as she can feed me with tantalising snippets […]