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Tarifa To Nordkapp In 66 Campsites

Between the nights of April 8th (Tarifa) and July 28th (Nordkapp), I was on the road for 111 days; 96 cycling days and 15 rest days. I stayed in at least 66 campsites for one or occasionally two nights. If you remember, I tried to post a picture via […]

Cycling Day T+10: Hamburg HBF, Germany

A more organised second day of train travel (compared to the last-minute complexity of the trip from Hirtshals to Hamburg). Hamburg to Rotterdam by train – 3 of them – and then the ferry tonight at 9pm. That said, Deutsch Bahn decided to replace the first cycle-friendly IC […]

Cycling Day 91: Tromsø To Rotsundelva

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. I was a little ‘off-grid’ last night so couldn’t publish anything to the website. Photos – spectacular ones – will come later but I’ll take the opportunity of introducing you to Hans and his daughter Veronika from Germany. […]