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Heading Home…

It didn’t take long for the practicalities of life on the road to kick in after my arrival at Cape St. Vincent. As I was recording the video clip in the previous post my mind was on the clock as I knew that the campsite supermarket closed at […]

Cycling Day 50: 5.10pm

Arrived at Camping Sagres – great site – and the tent is pitched. Reggie has been relieved of most of his panniers. All that remains is for us to cycle the remaining 6km to Cape St. Vincent. This plan is coming together…

Cycling Day 50: 2.20pm

Made it to Lagos & about to tuck into lunch; some pasta for that final bit of cycling. The N125 is now a lot quieter although the condition of the road itself deteriorates as each kilometre goes by. The wind is picking up however and I assume will […]