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Matt Krog & The Eurovelo 6: Day 36

Friday 17th August Krems to Vienna: 4 hours, 80km “More riding along the river today. Passing many cyclists, my knee was holding out fine. The previous day through the renowned Wachu region had many beautiful wine land and mountain landscapes on offer. Today the views were less awe […]

Matt Krog & The Eurovelo 6: Day 33

Tuesday 4th August Straubing to Passau: 5 hours 10 minutes, 90km “Waking up late, I strolled into town, to find every second person in leather pants and drindl dresses. It could only mean one thing. I followed the swarms of people as they headed down the street. One […]

Matt Krog & The Eurovelo 6: Day 26

Tuesday 7th August Augsburg to Munich: 4 hours, 70km “I woke up to find a breakfast table covered in an assortment of breads, cereals, ham, cheese, eggs and orange juice. Although it was only 7.30, Astrid had already popped down to the local bakery, bought some breads and […]