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Eurovelo 5: The Map!

Let it never be said that I don’t respond to the wishes of my valued readers! Tim has just commented on the home page of CyclingEurope.org; The Kindle version of your book comes with no map. No idea why, the kindle screen produces perfectly good black and white […]

Eurovelo 15: The Rhine Cycle Route

The Rhine Cycle Route (or as it has been recently rebranded, the Eurovelo 15) has a sexy new website. Can a website be sexy? Actually, not going there… It’s worth a look (and you won’t feel obliged to delete your Internet browsing history after having been there…). The […]

Dear Lord Sugar…

… I’ve just finished watching another series of The Apprentice; it was, once again, very entertaining. Congratulations. It’s fun watching the ‘best young business brains in Britain‘ (as the narration sometimes reminds us) trying to persuade you to hand your ยฃ250,000 over to them. The only person who […]

Jack, Richard & The Eurovelos 5 & 15

An email has arrived from Jack who fancies cycling around Europe… He writes in blue, I write in red. Well, I am a teacher, albeit one with a sniffly nose today. And on the day that Francois Hollande becomes the French president, it does give this post a […]

1000TT – Turin To Tiger Bay Cycle

This website doesn’t always live up to its name, CyclingEurope.org. I’ll ignore the fact that I’m just a budding author & traveller (& teacher) and not by any stretch of the imagination an organisation. I’m talking about the ‘Cycling Europe’ bit. This post, however, certainly ticks the boxes […]

Kate The Goat-Herd… & Cyclist

I received an email on Friday from someone called Kate, a travelling cyclist who was planning on making Reading a stopover en route from London to Oxford. She’d found my contact details on WarmShowers, the social network for cyclists looking for and offering accommodation. I used the site […]

Wet Weather: A Tale Of Two Months

On the BBC’s Countryfile yesterday afternoon, the weatherman shown here explained how April 2012 had been very wet indeed. He used this graph to explain that in southern England since January 2010, there hadย only been three months that had received above average levels of rainfall. Of those, August […]