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Eurovelo 8: The Google Map

UPDATE 2018: It looks as though the Google Map referred to here has now been deleted… There are still some valid comments below however so I’ll leave this post online; just don’t expect to find the map it refers to… You may also want to visit this page […]

Memories Of The Gotthard Pass

I’ve just caught up with last Monday’s Cycle Show on ITV4 which contained an interesting piece on cycling up to the Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps. Some stunning images and it’s worth watching on the ITV Playerย just for the views (although if you do, be quick as […]

London 2012: On The Starting Blocks

I wouldn’t like to stretch the comparison too far but there are parallels between cycling long distances and embarking on this volunteer role at London 2012. Despite my training (which, whatever you may believe from reading the papers was thorough, professional & above all useful), I’m still not […]

Morgan Ruffini & The Eurovelo 5: Metz

An update from Morgan who is cycling the Eurovelo 5; “Arrived in Metz yesterday from Verdun; got two days of rain from Reims-Verdun 120km; Verdun-Metz 66km and got completely wet so I decided to stay in Metz today to dry my stuff; however I went to the Centre […]

2nd July 2012: Home To Rome

A couple of weeks ago, James Mudd emailed me after having read Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie telling me of his plans to do something similar; I amย setting off with two friends on 2nd July 2012 from Home (Leeds) to Rome. Iย was inspired by […]