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Honeymooning (and Woofing?) Rob Lewis

Just recieved the following email. Rob’s comments in red, my comments in blue: Hi Andrew Just been looking at your blog which is very helpful and inspiring. Thanks! Me and my girlfriend are planning to cycle London to Istanbul in May (for our honeymoon) and are considering route […]

George: My Response

Hi George Thanks for your email – your enthusiasm is infectious! I’m glad to be in touch with another person who is interested in the Eurovelo 5. My initial enthusiasm was not the Eurovelo 5, simply an interest in cycling and a wish to do something a bit […]


Just received this interesting email. George has also commented on the earlier post about maps: Hi there Andrew!I just found your site about EuroVelo5, and I’m rather excited. Introductions first – I’m George Jemmott, a silly American who is similarly interested in EV5. I think we might be […]

Am email from Cumbria

Today was a first: I recieved an email from someone who I actually know and who has contacted me as a direct result of seeing this blog! The person concerned is James or “Jim” as he now is. He is my sister-in-law’s brother (or, as he reminds me […]

New Year Exchanges with Essex

From: RichardTo: AndrewSubject: Maps Hi Andrew, Hope youโ€™ve had a good Christmas. I see youโ€™ve been busy on the blog. I’ve started telling people about my plans and am very much committed and excited about the trips. I think I will plan to try meet you in Brussels […]

Maps and Questions

As you can see, piecing all the maps together in a long line would have been impossible in my relatively small living room, but here they all are stacked up on one another. I have followed the route from Calais and the good news is that there is […]