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Ready To Roll!

David Gander who runs Prรชt ร  Rouler, a bike hire shop in South-West France today gets a free advert on CyclingEurope.org. He pointed out earlier today that all the links on the Eurovelo 5 page – the posts I made when I was cycling south – were not […]

Tandem For The EV8?

‘bikes4two’ has written some nice comments about the book on the CTC forum called ‘Eurovelo 5 information‘; Hi Andrew, Just bought the e-book as I’m in the early stages of planning a trip for me and Mrs bikes4two on our tandem. I’m in trouble already in that I […]

Talking With Europe

Well, to the Spanish Costasย where the listeners of Talk Radio Europe are to be found. The interview was quite short but I was able to give a short summary of my journey along the Eurovelo 5 and then plug the book at the end (I’m learning!). The video […]

Czech Out The Latest Review

Lee fromย the Czech Republic has read and reviewed Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie on Amazon. Here is what he has to say; All I can say this is a wonderful book to read and you really sense you are sharing the journey from Reading […]

A Night Of Small Adventures?

On August 6th, 2009, I was cycling through the Yorkshire Dales on my pre-Eurovelo 5 shakedown trying to work out if I was suited to long-distance cycling. I wrote the following comments on the blog; “On passing through a pristine village called Airton, I stopped to enquire if […]