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Cycling In Norway

When I cycled from Greece to Portugal in 2013, I spent most of my time pre-trip thinking about Greece, Albania and, to a certain extent, Croatia. I didn’t spend too much time consideringย the western European countries through which I would be cycling. In France, a country I know […]

2015: Time For A (Big) Change

When it comes to writing pieces for this website, September is always a lean month. I’ve just been looking back at the number of posts made every month and since 2009 when CyclingEurope.org burst into life on the world wide web (albeit under the much less catchy soubriquet […]

Copenhagen: Cycling Nirvana?

I hope to visit Copenhagen next year when I cycle along the Eurovelo 3. Well, it will mean deviating a little from route 3 – see the official route through Denmark – but I think it will be worth it. A cycling nirvana? It’s what would be suggested […]