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The Rhine Cycle Route: Really?

Seriously underwhelmed with what I’ve found.  The first hour cycling north out of Cologne has been only sporadically sign-posted with Eurovelo 15 signs leaving me guessing as to whether I am on the right track on not. I’m following the little red signs assuming that they are sending […]

Eurovelo 15: The Rhine Cycle Route

The Rhine Cycle Route (or as it has been recently rebranded, the Eurovelo 15) has a sexy new website. Can a website be sexy? Actually, not going there… It’s worth a look (and you won’t feel obliged to delete your Internet browsing history after having been there…). The […]

Dear Lord Sugar…

… I’ve just finished watching another series of The Apprentice; it was, once again, very entertaining. Congratulations. It’s fun watching the ‘best young business brains in Britain‘ (as the narration sometimes reminds us) trying to persuade you to hand your £250,000 over to them. The only person who […]