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News From The ECF

The European Cyclists’ Federation have given me their seal of approval! Doretta Vincini, one of the organisation’s Vice Presidents has written the following email;   Dear Andrew, I congratulate you on your wonderful initiative and I envy you for this wonderful trip. I shall follow your efforts and your […]

Playing The Long Game

Guess what I’ve been doing since I arrived home from work? Which is a pity because I have a few pieces of news to report and now have to write about them while falling asleep… The first should really deserve a whole post to itself as it is […]

Removing the Belgian Kink

I posted yesterday that I was thinking of removing part of the route and avoiding Brussels and most of Belgium. It does make sense on all levels apart from the one that wants me to tick the box of having followed the route of the Eurovelo 5. George […]

The European Cycle Network; Eurovelo

If, on a Sunday morning at 8.30am I am spending time reading a document written by “Policy Department B, Structural and Cohesion Policies” for the “Directorate General for Internal Policies” of the European Parliament, I do wonder whether my cycling adventure along the route of Eurovelo 5 has […]

Eurovelo 5 in Italy; La Via dei Pellegrini

Now that my detailed itinerary has hit the Italian border, my efforts need to turn to La Via dei Pellegrini in Italy itself. Regular readers of this blog will know that the Eurovelo 5 cycle route, although often associated with the Via Francigena pilgrim route does not really follow the same path. The […]

A Route from Oxford to Milan?

It’s been a few weeks since anyone new has been in contact with me who is in some way interested in the cycling to Italy project so I am delighted to have been emailed by a guy called Neil Shirley who is planning on cycling from Oxford to […]

Honeymooning (and Woofing?) Rob Lewis

Just recieved the following email. Rob’s comments in red, my comments in blue: Hi Andrew Just been looking at your blog which is very helpful and inspiring. Thanks! Me and my girlfriend are planning to cycle London to Istanbul in May (for our honeymoon) and are considering route […]


Just received this interesting email. George has also commented on the earlier post about maps: Hi there Andrew!I just found your site about EuroVelo5, and I’m rather excited. Introductions first – I’m George Jemmott, a silly American who is similarly interested in EV5. I think we might be […]