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“EuroVelo: Fund It To Finish It”

From the website of the European Cyclists’ Federation: “This month a decision will be made to include EuroVelo in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). If included, this would mean billions in funding, and make a major contribution towards the completion of the remaining sections of the network. EuroVelo […]

Eurovelo 8: A Much Needed Update

I have received an email from Monica. Hi Andrew Next year starting 29th March I will be cycling from Lisbon to Athens using the Eurovelo Route 8, raising money for Camfed. I am organising the trip myself and spotted your website. All advice, large or small gratefully received.ย  […]

The ECF: A Eurovelo Forum

The forums on CTC, BikeRadar etc… may have many thousands of followers, subjects & posts but none of them have a specific category for the Eurovelo routes. The new European Cyclists’ Federation’s website now does! Click here to register and start posting (so far, I’m the only one […]

The ECF: A New Website!

Great things are happening in Europe… The Greeks are on the verge of bankruptcy, Silvio Berlusconi has decided to call it a day, the Eurozone is in turmoil… And the European Cyclists’ Federation has a new look website! Not before time. It moves the ECF from being stuck […]

Eurovelo 8; First Contact

A bit of a milestone (kilometre stone?) this week; I have received an email from someone asking me about Eurovelo 8 rather than Eurovelo 5. Clearly I am more of an expert on Eurovelo 5 and my ability to say much about number 8 is limited but this […]