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Czech Out The Latest Review

Lee fromย the Czech Republic has read and reviewed Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie on Amazon. Here is what he has to say; All I can say this is a wonderful book to read and you really sense you are sharing the journey from Reading […]

Laura Birchenough in Figures

Laura Birchenoughย has just returned home from a cycle ride that took in the last part of the Eurovelo 5 – she stayed with Massimo Mazzone in Benevento – and then most of eastern / central Europe back to the UK. It seems to be the done thing to […]

Happy European Cyclist

I wanted a motivating, happyย picture because I don’t have anything to write about today so typed “europe” and “cycle” into Flickr. This came up; great image – it sums up the freedom of cycling at its best. Click on the photo itself to see it in situ on […]