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Swiss-Italian Co-ordination

It looks to me as if the Swiss National Route 3 – full details are here – segways perfectly with the Italian National Route 3; La Via dei Pellegrini. What joined up thinking! This sign (take your pick of the language) is the one to follow in Switzerland (but will it […]


The Tour of Reading: Reflections

Back home now, sinking my first beer of 2010 – 4% Stella Artois so I can still feel a bit virtuous (although by the time the bottle of Shiraz I bought to accompany my evening meal is demolished later, my argument may fall down a bit) – and reading the posts […]


There is a site, run by CTC where you can report your pothole. I’ve just done it and my pothole is officially number 27775. Go to www.fillthathole.org.uk to see it in all its glory. This is becoming an obsession.

Honeymooning (and Woofing?) Rob Lewis

Just recieved the following email. Rob’s comments in red, my comments in blue: Hi Andrew Just been looking at your blog which is very helpful and inspiring. Thanks! Me and my girlfriend are planning to cycle London to Istanbul in May (for our honeymoon) and are considering route […]

October Catch-Up

Just arrived back home from my visit to the Cycle Show at Earls Court in London (see entries below). A little bit disappointed: it is cycling pornography – undeniably beautiful objects everywhere; brushed chrome this and carbon-fibre that… but little of practical use that will help me in […]