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Finally, someone has written about cycling the eastern part of the Eurovelo 8 from Greece, through Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. Thanks Ali!

Eurovelo 8; Remember That?

Owen’s email below is well-timed. It being the 1st September today, the summer is over if you consider the season to be the three months  from June to August. It’s also more or less over if you are a teacher as most of us go back to work […]

Monaco To Croatia Along The EV8

Writing the book about my journey along the Eurovelo 5 has taken over the posts of this blog in recent times (I am still at the red pen correcting stage by the way and haven’t made much progress in the last couple of weeks) but the time is approaching […]

Cobbles: Hovis v St Gotthard

Seems such a pity to shunt the picture in the previous post off the top of the blog; I may well fiddle with the dates so that it stays there for a few more days yet. 🙂 Not everything is always as it seems on the blogosphere… Anyway, […]

Eurovelo 8: The Mediterranean Route

The following is from the back of the ECF Eurovelo Map; Cadiz-Athens-Cyprus 5,888km “The Mediterranean area is very popular for tourists, but until now not so much for bicycle tourism. However, various initiatives have improved facilities, especially in Spain & Italy. And similar initiatives are in the pipeline […]