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Wet Weather: A Tale Of Two Months

On the BBC’s Countryfile yesterday afternoon, the weatherman shown here explained how April 2012 had been very wet indeed. He used this graph to explain that in southern England since January 2010, there hadย only been three months that had received above average levels of rainfall. Of those, August […]

Old London Town: Looking Good!

Earlier today I made my way back down south after having spent the weekend in Yorkshire. Arriving by train in the capital I passed through Kings Cross station. I used to be a frequent visitor to Kings Cross when I worked in London about twenty years ago but […]

London 2012: Volunteer Update (Shhhh!)

I finally received an email from the London 2012 Olympics this week about whether or not I had been successful in my application to be a ‘Games Maker’ (or volunteer). It was good news; “Congratulations! Following your interview to be a London 2012 Games Maker, we are delighted […]

In Praise Of…The Bike Show

That was fun. It’s a good job that time in the real world, outside the studios of radio stations, doesn’t go by as quickly as it does inside those little sound-proofed rooms. We’d all be in our graves before we were out of the maternity ward. Fifteen minutes […]