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La Via Romeo Francigena / Eurovelo 5

Today is Sunday 18th July 2010. The day has come for me to set off on my own road to Rome and beyond. Below is the first post written on this blog back in summer 2008; The ancient route from Canterbury to Rome, followed by archbishops travelling to […]

How (Does) Twitter Work(s)(?)

The brackets are required as I don’t know whether this will be an explanation (“How Twitter Works”) or a question (“How Does Twitter Work?”). I am, as you are aware, on Twitter. Over there on the left. My most recent post being about Dierdre Barlow (ha! I spelt […]

The Charity!

I’ve decided that, as an extra motivation to keep cycling (especially when I get to The Alps!) that it makes sense for my efforts to help support a charity. Over the last month I have been avidly watching Springwatch on the TV and then caught the BBC “Wild […]

One Month To Go?

Not according to BBC Radio 5 Live; the presenter of the early news programme welcomed the nation this morning with the following words; Good morning, it’s 5 o’clock on Friday 18th July and welcome to Morning Reports… I didn’t sleep well last night so I knew for sure she was wrong and I […]

Jane Tomlinson’s Marathon Bike Ride

I just came across these webpages which have been archived on the BBC website. They are about Jane Tomlinson and how she cycled from Rome to Leeds in May 2004. Here is an extract about Jane Tomlinson from Wikipedia; Jane Emily Goward was born in Wakefield in Yorkshire in […]

Mark Beaumont: Central America

Some frightening moments in the 2nd of Mark Beaumont’s documentaries. I have only just finished watching this episode as 10.30pm on a Tuesday night is just far too late for a school teacher! On leaving Mexico and entering Guatemala, Mark was joined by a cameraman from the BBC. […]