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Any Questions?

I’m at risk of soon appearing inside the covers of Heat magazine! Not only have I been invited to Decathlon’s VIP opening on Wednesday and have a potential visit to Siena on the cards to talk about my cycling adventure, I now have in my possession a ticket […]

Boring Week

I watched with amazement this week the tunneling efforts of the Swiss (as well as the Chileans of course) who have managed to bore their way through 37 kilometres of Alpine rock under the St Gotthard Pass. That puts my efforts to cycle over the top into perspective! […]

Just Gave

My uncle David was in touchย last week; he sent me a cheque to add to the donations for the BBC Wildlife Fund, the charity that I was supporting when I cycled along the Eurovelo 5. I’ve added it to the Just Giving site and it brings the total […]

Library Returns Looted Manuscript

At least something is glad to be returning to Benevento…. From the BBC News website ** Library returns looted manuscript ** A 12th Century manuscript which was housed in the British Library is to be returned to Italy because it was looted during the Second World War. < […]

Just Giving: Target Reached!

Thanks to a couple of recent donations, my target has now been passed! To everyone who has donated a big thank-you and if you haven’t but are planning on doing so please don’t hold back. It means a lot to me personally that all my effort is helping […]

Mosquitoes, Manholes & Miracles

When I look at the map, Pisa sits in a lowland area with lots of blue lines indicating both natural and man-made waterways. The tower is / was sinking into the swamp / bog upon which Pisa is built. I can only hope that this means that as […]