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Dallaglio Flintoff 2012 Cycle Slam

Lawrence Dallaglio is back on his bike again and this time he is cycling the Eurovelos 5 & 8, kind of… The cycling challenge is called “The Dallaglio Flintoff Cycle Slam” and the official website describes the endeavor as follows; “Between April 23rd and May 18th next year  […]

Cyclepedia: Iconic Bicycle Designs

“In 1815 an Indonesian volcano erupted, changing the climate and affecting crops as far afield as Northern Europe. The resulting famine was severe, with Europeans forced to eat horses – a main source of transportation – for sustenance. To tackle the resulting transport problems, Baron von Drais created […]

Laura Birchenough in Figures

Laura Birchenough has just returned home from a cycle ride that took in the last part of the Eurovelo 5 – she stayed with Massimo Mazzone in Benevento – and then most of eastern / central Europe back to the UK. It seems to be the done thing to […]

Blogging the EV5

Bill Vrabel, via his blog,  is going through the learning process about long-distance cycling that I have had to do over the last couple of years and it’s interesting to see his two most recent posts about camping (or not) and going down the route of clipless pedals. […]