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Maximilian’s Kit & Bicycle

His Equipment Maximilian J. St. George’s book, Traveling Light… contains a list of the author’s kit. Bearing in mind the title he gave to his book, you might have already guessed that it wasn’t a long one. He says the following: “My equipment was as light as possible, […]

Cycling Into Paris

It seems timely… Here’s the route being taken by today’s cyclists in the Tour de France compared to my own cycle into Paris in 2015 en route to Nordkapp: Somewhat different although the two routes do coalesce somewhere near the Champs Elysรฉes. Here’s how I described the journey […]


It comes in many shapes and forms and you’ll find them all at Whether you be an aficionado of cycle touring, a fan of the Tour de France or a member of the mountain bike community, you’ll find something of interest just a few clicks away: Browse […]