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Maximilian’s Kit & Bicycle

His Equipment Maximilian J. St. George’s book, Traveling Light… contains a list of the author’s kit. Bearing in mind the title he gave to his book, you might have already guessed that it wasn’t a long one. He says the following: “My equipment was as light as possible, […]

rear view of man on mountain road against sky

The Long Read: Britain, Cycling And Pillory By German Seven-Year-Olds

A German student, Hannes, has sent me some questions about cycling in the UK and cycling from the perspective of British person… and I need your help. I’m going to write answers to Hannes’ questions but, as most of you are British and live in the UK, I think it would be nice for you to add your comments into the mix. (Even if you aren’t British and / or don’t live in the UK you may have valid points to make.) You may or may not agree with what I write and it would be good for Hannes to have more than just the one opinion. So here goes…

2022: Le Grand Tour

The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Germany: On July 3rd 2022 I arrived at the Hook of Holland in The Netherlands, turned around and pedalled off in the direction of France. It was an anti-clockwise tour of France; the EuroVelo 12 along the Belgian coast, the EuroVelo 4 […]

Cycle Magazine June / July 2023… And Le Grand Tour

Welcome to June… and to the summer of 2023. Well, if the first is your definition of summer. There are several from which to choose. My focus over the next few months will be continue to write the first draft of my new book about last year’s ‘Grand Tour’ of Europe. I’m now heading south along the Vรฉlodyssรฉe in the west of France (day 25 of around 60) so I should have that draft ready by the end of the summer. However, earlier this year I was approached by Dan Joyce, the editor of Cycling UK’s Cycle magazine, asking if would be able to contribute an article about last year’s cycle. That article has now been published and if you are a member of Cycling UK, you should have received your copy of the magazine in the last few days. It’s the June / July issue.