This is something that a guy called Matthew Abbott once talked to me about and I have just seen the link to the Couchsurfing website via Facebook and Massimo. I’ll get back to you on this – I need to do more research but I don’t want to […]

Puglia 2010: The Facebook Event…

My Puglian odyssey is catching on. My new Facebook friend Massimo Mazzone has set up an “event” on Facebook in honour of my journey. Wow! I’m a bit taken aback – delighted – but taken aback nevertheless.I’ll join up of course – it’s difficult to avoid an invite […]

Ten-day Weather Forecast

MSN are very brave: they attempt a ten-day weather forecast! The BBC only go as far as five days. In ten days, it will be the 1st August – the day I will travel up to Berwick-upon-Tweed to kick off my Pennine Cycleway trip. The full ten-day forecast […]

EuroVรฉlo 5 Facebook Group

The EuroVรฉlo 5 route has a Facebook group… so I joined of course. The other two members are Ian Hendry – the man from Adelaide who I’ve mentioned and quoted from before and a guy called Massimo Mazzone who writes in his opening post:“Let’s improve the route! It’s […]


One person thinks so! Not many people who have visited this site have voted over there on the right (and I suspect that some of those who have, voted more than once thus skewing the vote…), but as of today, 17 of you have done so. Thanks! Until […]