Running in the rain

A slightly longer run this morning… continued down the Thames path instead of doubling back via the canal. It added another mile or so to the run but did require a few stops (the bits in yellow) to catch my breath. The last stretch – all the way […]

Mary Bryant…

…giving a talk about her trip (see below) in the glamorous surroundings of Reading Library. Must make a start on her book! She has agreed to come and speak to Year 9 students at school so I’ll make sure I get through the European leg of her journey […]

Mary Bryant: Four Cheeks to the Wind

I wandered into Waterstones this afternoon as I often do and trawled my eyes across the Travel section books (the only section of the bookshop where I can say “yes, I’ve read that one, and that one, and that one too… don’t fancy that one… oh, I wonder […]