Well, only one: the campsite near Lindesfarne is full. I had emailed just for a bit of reassurance that I did indeed have somewhere to sleep for the night, not really expecting any problem whatsoever but the campsite have emailed back saying that they are full “I am […]

Les nouvelles cartes sont arrivées!

French language pun there…(tumbleweed crosses screen)… Anyway, they have – the Sustrans maps arrived that is if your French isn’t quite what it should be. Much time will be spent pouring over them in the course of the next few days. To my relief, campsites are noted on […]

Beachcomber Campsite

I have to say, of the three that Edvardus recommends, the first one – the Beachcomber Campsite – looks wild and wonderful. Very close to the sea. The proximity to Lindisfarne is also an attraction. My first thought is to spend a couple of nights at the place […]