Sanoodi Mapping

I need to remember this: Sanoodi mapping. It is a way of recording your route, en route and showing it live via the Internet. Oli Broom (Cycling to the Ashes) appears to use it (although it is credited on the map on his site with two other companies: […]

Honeymooning (and Woofing?) Rob Lewis

Just recieved the following email. Rob’s comments in red, my comments in blue: Hi Andrew Just been looking at your blog which is very helpful and inspiring. Thanks! Me and my girlfriend are planning to cycle London to Istanbul in May (for our honeymoon) and are considering route […]

The Final Map – 363 Puglia

I picked up the final map – see earlier post – from Stanfords in London this afternoon: 363 Puglia, an event so great that it merits re-posting the fancy graphic that I created a couple of weeks ago when I bought the others! This time, all the boxes, […]

Blog roll: Cycling

This list of cycling blogs was in last Saturday’s Guardian Guide. As you can see, I didn’t make it to the final list of six blogs. Perhaps I was at number 7… Cycle Chic Sartorial elegance and bicycle advocacy in a single package on the streets of Copenhagen. […]