A guidebook (or two in fact)

Two people who have completed the pilgrimage twice – first on horseback then on bike – have produced a very detailed blog and two guidebooks. The blog is at http://www.pilgrimagepublications.blogspot.com and the guides can be purchased athttp://www.pilgrimagepublications.com/EUShop/PayPal/ppvfbooks.html . They seem t be cheaper at Amazon.co.uk…..

Segeric wrote on the way back!

“Thanks to the work of the International Scientific Committee, we are today in a position to retrace this route on the basis of a document left to us by Sigeric, Archibishop of Canterbury. In 994, on his way back to Canterbury from Rome, he described the itinerary and […]


Wonderful quote:“The Via Francigena is a historical itinerary leading to Rome from Canterbury, a major route which in the past was used by thousands of pilgrims on their way to Rome. At the beginning of the 11th century mainly, a multitude of souls “looking for their Lost Heavenly […]

Local connections…

Archbishop Sigeric, our friend who first described the route of my trip (from Cantebury to Rome) has a couple of local connections. According to Wikipedia he was elected Abbot of St Augustine’s in about 975 to 990, and consecrated by Archbishop Dunstan to the See of Ramsbury and […]