Audax Cycling – Part 2

Some more useful information from “Audax John” who was in touch a couple of weeks ago, including a clarification about what “Audax Cycling” actually is:Audax is a slightly clandestine activity, with riders slogging through the lanes of our land at the dead of a night. No sag wagons, […]

A visit to Stanfords

Stanfords‘ map & book shop in London is a great place to spend an hour or so in central London. I never remember where it is exactly and always end up wandering around the streets near Leicester Square tube station for a while until I bump into it. […]

From Mark Beaumont to Alastair Humphreys

I’ve just about finished reading Mark Beaumont’s book The Man Who Cycled The World. It’s a cracking read and doesn’t fall into the trap of being a repetitive log of getting up, cycling, eating and then sleeping which, in effect, is what he did for 195 consecutive days. […]