And here is the news…

James Bowthorpe has, I see, beaten Mark Beaumont’s record. He arrived home in Balham yesterday after 175 days cycling 18,000 miles. I should really add him to my list of great cycling adventurers. He has a website of course and due respect to him for having completed the […]

Very jealous!

Ian Hendry has invested in a new bike and I am very jealous! It looks so beautiful… Click here to read about how and why he chose the Trek 1.5. Click here to see the thing in all its beauty on the Trek website. At least we won […]

Italian Cycle Network Map

Just been using this map and the information in the previous post to update the Google Map a bit. It’s a long term project to finalise the route…. Note the possibility of either following the route 1 (Ciclopista del Sole) or route 3 (Via dei Pellegrini – the […]

EuroVélo 5: edited to the essentials

The following are the key details from the ECF EuroVélo map about EV5 with identified cycle routes in red, linked to sources of information on the net:England (180 km)Reading to London – NCN 4London to Canterbury to Dover – NCN 1Northern France (140 km)CalaisCanal de Calais to Saint […]