Le Vie Francigene del Sud

This site is new, apparently, and details the Via Francigena south of Rome. Those linguists amongst you will note the use of the plural “e” – it isn’t a typo – as there apperas to be more than just the one route. It’s also good to see that […]

John & Tom Calver: Update

John Calver emailed me a few months ago asking for information about the route I was planning on taking. I emailed back at the time explaining that I hadn’t really got that far. He was planning to cycle from Calais to the Italian border in July this year, […]

Reflections over distances

Need to get back to thinking about next year’s little adventure to Italy. I am so glad to have completed the trip this summer, albeit a much shorter journey and over a longer period of time that I will need take next summer. I did 350 miles over […]