Cateye Micro Wireless "Thing"

One thing that I really missed while doing my recent Pennine Cycleway journey was an ability to accurately measure the distances travelled. As a result, I have just bought a “Cateye Micro Wireless” thing (the title of the gadget isn’t long enough – there should be at least […]

Marmite man

This photo is on Mark Beaumont’s Flickr site and has the following description: “Jon Lee from Bristol who is cycling the coast to coast after seeing my round the world documentary joined me for a days ride “. What amazes me about the photo (apart from that incredible […]

Le Vie Francigene del Sud

This site is new, apparently, and details the Via Francigena south of Rome. Those linguists amongst you will note the use of the plural “e” – it isn’t a typo – as there apperas to be more than just the one route. It’s also good to see that […]