200 Days to Go!!!

Between now and the 18th July 2010 is a mere 200 days! The proof is over there on the right… I can remember writing on here when it ticked over to 700 days to go. It really doesn’t seem that long ago. A bit disappointed in all that […]

End of 2009 Summary

I’m on the train en route home after Christmas with my family and thought I would use the time to pull the strands of my preparation for my trip to Puglia in the summer together. Let’s kick off with the route. That is more or less in place: […]

A New Bike for Christmas

I just opened my Christmas presents (it didn’t take long) and I have received a new bike! Here it… could be. As it’s not actually a new bike for me buy for someone who needs a new bike more than me in a developing country. The Oxfam Unwrapped […]

In this weather?

Knowing that I had cycled from the North East to Derby earlier in the year, someone did ask me last week if I were planning on cycling to Yorkshire this Christmas. It had crossed my mind but then I thought better of it. Winter long distance cycling really […]