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It comes in many shapes and forms and you’ll find them all at Whether you be an aficionado of cycle touring, a fan of the Tour de France or a member of the mountain bike community, you’ll find something of interest just a few clicks away: Browse […]

MAMIL: ‘A Documentary Exposé…’

‘…about the secret world of middle-aged men in Lycra.‘ I’m not sure, when I think about it, that I want to find out too much about the ‘secret’ lives of MAMILs, but this does look good and, if you happen to live anywhere within spitting (or perhaps more […]

The Time To Stop Cycling? I Think It Might Be…

It seems likely is that in a few weeks time, we will be at the point on the curve where Spain and Italy now find themselves. Yesterday it was reported that in Italy “The latest crackdown effectively bans jogging and bicycle rides, the only types of outdoor exercise that were allowed.” Might it be a good idea to refrain from doing so here in the UK when we are at an earlier point on the curve? I think it might.

The Tour De Yorkshire 2015

It’s been a quiet week at; I’ve been busy getting a job! Anyway, I spotted this in an email that came from the organisers of the Tour de Yorkshire announcing the host towns for the 2016 race. Very pretty! (At the time I was somewhere in Spain/south […]

Dordogne: The Velocast Podcast

A few weeks ago, as the Tour de France made its way across the French countryside, I had the opportunity of visiting the Dordogne region of France courtesy of the organisers of the Tour de Yorkshire, Welcome to Yorkshire. If this is news to you (or you have […]