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Top Three Cycling Names In 2021

One of the sports hit hardest by the COVID-19 chaos was cycling. Numerous events were postponed, some even cancelled, and the riders had a rough time keeping their bodies in perfect shape in such confusing circumstances. Once the season resumed, the calendar was much different. We saw numerous surprises, unexpected results, and unusual scenes, such as the snow at Giro.

Online Games That Are Harnessing The Power Of Two Wheels

Historically, cycling has not featured too much in the world of online gaming, mainly due to it being quite difficult to recreate the thrills and spills of road racing or long distance touring on PC or console. However, as that begins to change thanks to more immersive experiences and virtual reality apps, we thought it was time to take a look at the online games that are really beginning to harness the passion people have for two-wheeled pursuits. Here are some of the games out there in the online ether which are on trend and have decided to put cycling in the spotlight.

Le Grand Tour: Day 49 – Aigle To Sierre (81km)

On one level – the cycling level – it has been a pretty standard day. Dare I say boring? A flat ride, 90% off road on a good quality path beside the Rhรดne following the route of the EuroVelo 17 or, as it is known locally, national route 1. Sticking to just the cycling for a moment, I say โ€˜flat rideโ€™โ€ฆ I knew I was heading uphill but couldnโ€™t help feel that I was heading downhill. After the turn to cycle east following my brief pause in Martigny, the wind was behind me so this may have added to the sensation of cycling down a very gentle gradient but I think of more significance is the valley itself. Iโ€™ve experienced this before (although not that dubious โ€˜Electric Brayโ€™ place on the west coast of Scotland where I was singularly unimpressedโ€ฆ) in northern Spain in 2019. There too I was cycling through a valley, knew I was cycling uphill beside a river heading in the opposite direction, but had a distinct feeling of going downhill all day. Itโ€™s the brain seeing something – the narrow valley with steep slopes on either side – and convincing the body that it is indeed what the brain sees, despite conclusive evidence to the contrary.

The Brompton Folding Bicycle: A Factory Visit, Again

Yesterday I had the pleasure of recording a chat with Gareth Dent for the next episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast. It will be episode 061 and published on Friday 28th October. Gareth is a folding bicycle fan. Here’s the blurb: “Gareth Dent has a long-term relationship with small-wheeled bicycles. Growing up in Stevenage in the late 1960s he made the most of the townโ€™s futuristic network of cycle routes on his 14โ€ Moulton Mini. 40 years later he rekindled his love for small wheels during an organised folding bike challenge from London to Paris, in the process meeting a group of like-minded enthusiasts. It was with these new friends that , several years later, he started to cycle the route of the 1903 Tour de France, in stages, over 4 years.”

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The End Of 2022 Is Nigh… And 2023 Beckons

With the editing done and the premieres of Le Grand Tour films uploaded and scheduled for the remaining Thursdays in December (well, the three before Christmas), my mind can return to other matters ‘Cycling Europe’. And there are a few plans that have been on the back-burner that can now move to the front of the gas hob. If, that is, I can afford to turn on the gas…

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Cycling (And Not Cycling) On Tenerife (And Not Tenerife)

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that in mid-February I will be travelling to Tenerife for a few days of winter cycling. It won’t quite by ‘cycle-touring’ in the traditional sense, more a combination of travelling and then cycling whilst being based in the same place, a hotel in southern Tenerife. Although I still need to check all the details, I’ve been told that I will be able to hire a bike at the hotel and my trusty steeds – Wanda and Ronnie (and my rather rusty steed Reggie…) – will be left at home for the duration.