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Cycling Slovenia: The Outsider’s View

A few weeks ago, shortly after attending an online seminar on the subject, I posted an article about cycling in Slovenia. It was kind of the ‘official’ version. My experience of cycling in Slovenia, as I set out in that post, is very limited; just a few hours back in 2013 as I cycled from Croatia in the direction of Trieste in Italy. Even after such a short visit, however, I was impressed and the seminar made it clear that there was much, much more to see in this, one of Europe’s smallest countries. A few days later a Slovenian cyclist called Miha Pavšič emailed with an ‘insider’s view’ of cycling in Slovenia. All good things come in threes and clearly cycling in Slovenia is no exception as Robin Watkins has now been in touch. He visited Slovenia in September 2017 and below are his thoughts on travelling through the country and, again, some beautiful photographs.

photo of mountain

The Mountains (And Cycling Routes) Of Austria (And Yorkshire…)

I’ve always been a fan of hills and mountains. Growing up in Pennine Yorkshire, they were an ever-present backdrop to my childhood but I remember travelling to France for the first time when I was about 14 years old on a school exchange to a small town just south of Lyon. The Alps began to appear in the distance as we trundled down the ‘Autoroute du Soleil’ and I was transfixed. Over the next few decades I have been able to stand witness to the grandeur of not just the Alps but many mountain ranges across Europe, including those to be found in the UK. After cycling from Tarifa to Nordkapp in 2015, one reason why I chose to return to live in Yorkshire was because I missed waking up and seeing the hills. There weren’t too many of those in the centre of Reading, my home town for the 15 years prior to the 2015 cycle.

REI Presents: Pedal Through

I noticed earlier that Ryan Van Duzer – subject of the most recent episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast had interviewed two people involved in the making of this film; Pedal Through. You can watch the film below. Worth 15 minutes of your time. Cycle touring continues to be a very white-dominated activity. Endeavours such as this might help nudge the imbalance in a good direction.

Taking Bicycles On A Train (In The UK)

Here’s a summary: Operator Do I need to book my bicycle in advance? Abellio ScotRail For some journeys. Arriva Rail London No information on website. Arriva Trains Wales Reservation strongly recommended. 2 bikes per train. c2c No but some restrictions at peak periods. Caledonian Sleeper Not essential but […]