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The Official Description

Eurovelo 3 + Maps and description courtesy of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF)…   The following description comes from a map of Europe that was produced by the ECF back in 2008. I imagine some of the details have now changed but it gives a good overview of […]

Le Tour De France 2012

I love these fly-over videos of the path of the Tour de France; here’s the 2012 version. I played it three times to three different groups of kids at school. One of the boys asked me if I’d ever cycled the Tour de France myself; I let him […]

ECF Interview (September 2013)

The European Cyclists’ Federation interviewed me a few weeks after my return to the UK and published a slightly shorter version of the interview below on their Eurovelo website. Here is the full version… ECF: Hi Andrew, the last time we caught up, you were getting ready for […]

Le Tour De Calderdale?

On watching the video below your first reaction may be โ€˜hasnโ€™t the person behind the camera got better things to do with their time on a cold, snowy day in the north of England?โ€˜. It is a film of a journey through Calderdale in West Yorkshire but not […]