Celebrating The End Of Term…

…nearly. Only three lessons to go and we are half way through the academic year 🙂 And Spring is just around the corner. Well, not this corner… Lovely still morning in Reading. Great day for cycling! Errr… Oh yes, Reggie stayed at work last night as I got […]

Interesting Times

When I was a student at York University back in the late 1990s, a series of revolutions spread down through eastern Europe. Poland had been rumbling for years but in 1989 successive regimes crumbled. It was an exciting period of recent history but many students in York had their […]

Nothing To Say

A strange week of extremes on apsykes.com ; from last weekend to mid-week I was getting around 200 hits a day… and in the second half of the week under 100. Could this be all the Year 11 kids at school who had discovered that Reggie has his […]

What’s The Cost Of Eurovelo 5?

Joe Durnall has emailed; I hope you don’t mind me emailing. I intend to ride the Eurovelo 5 to Rome this coming summer, and wondered if you could give me any indication of the costs of such a venture? I have all the kit (Bike, tent, etc..) and […]