Signs Of Spring

It is bloody freezing outside the Back of Beyond pub in the Kings Road, Reading (there were no seats available inside that gave me a sufficient buffer zone between myself and a pissed old bloke doing nothing but drinking; such is the clientele of your average Wetherspoons pub), […]

Calling All Adventurers!

You wait all week for a blog post and then four come along all at once! Sorry for the flood but remember that I am a teacher and only function on other levels on a weekend… An interesting nudge from Iain Harper earlier this week (see Iain’s own […]

Eurovelo 8; First Contact

A bit of a milestone (kilometre stone?) this week; I have received an email from someone asking me about Eurovelo 8 rather than Eurovelo 5. Clearly I am more of an expert on Eurovelo 5 and my ability to say much about number 8 is limited but this […]

The King’s Speech

Sitting on the sofa, iPad in hand typing this post, I am in two minds. My serious, professional, teacher head is telling me to get off my backside and make a start on the large bag of exercise books that I brought home at the end of last […]

Comings & Goings

I paused en route home from work last night (it is now 12.30am) to replicate the photo that I had taken on the final day of term 2 just before Christmas. It’s been a long term and there is a decidedly spring feel as we edge towards the end […]