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Easter, Venison and Bullet Points

Nearly there. Just one more day until the second biggest reason to be a teacher starts; the Easter holidays. I know that sounds a bit cynical so apologies to those educational purists who want us all to be teachers because it is our “calling”, but we all have […]

Bloody Marvelous Friday

Well so far, my aim to make Good Friday “Bloody Marvelous Friday” is going to plan. I’ve picked up the bike from AW Cycles and they have, as promised, changed the handlebars for a set that are much wider and have far more space to place my hands […]

Getting a Handle on the Handlebars

I think I’ve finally been won over by Reggie’s handlebars. The new ones have just passed a 16 km test; they are comfortable, in a better position (the old ones wereย too far away from me!), have much more room for hands on the horizontal bar and enable me […]

The Bar Bag Debate

I cycled with a bar bag last summer. Very useful, especially as it is a place upon which you can lay a map. However the Ridgeback has much more going on on the horizontal bar than my Trek does, notably the new bike has two brake levers; can […]

Be Aware, Not Beware!

Just been to work (yes, on a Sunday!) to collect some stuff that I need to do during the second half of the school holidays; I was planning on doing the work actually at work but now I am expecting the tent, panniers and shoes to be delivered […]

Getting a Grip on the Handlebars

Handlebars have been on my mind for quite some time and certainly since I bought Reggie Ridgeback; he has drop handlebars and I am finding it difficult to adjust to them. This website – Handlebars for Touring – gives some alternatives which are worth thinking about. I don’t […]

Salvation in Flat Bars?

I found this on Cycle Chat; ย  I rode drops as a youth and young man, but I now ride with flat bars for reasons of comfort. What is it about drop bars? There seems to be some sort of kudos about them; if your bike doesn’t have […]