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Getting a Grip on the Handlebars

Handlebars have been on my mind for quite some time and certainly since I bought Reggie Ridgeback; he has drop handlebars and I am finding it difficult to adjust to them. This website – Handlebars for Touring – gives some alternatives which are worth thinking about. I don’t […]

Salvation in Flat Bars?

I found this on Cycle Chat;   I rode drops as a youth and young man, but I now ride with flat bars for reasons of comfort. What is it about drop bars? There seems to be some sort of kudos about them; if your bike doesn’t have […]

Butterfly Bars?

I went into Evans in Reading yesterday evening after work and had a good chat with one of the staff about changing handlebars. They conveniently had a Ridgeback Panorama on display so we could chat while referring to the bike. He said there would be no problem changing from […]

Northern Sense!

At last, some positive encouragement to get the butterflies fitted! Darrell, from Manchester – remember him? – he is cycling the route of the Pennine Cycleway this summer and I sent him my maps (which he has kindly acknowledged on his own website with some very nice comments, thanks Darrell!). […]


I quote; After the Modolo Yuma designed to increase comfort for trekking riders, came DUMBO … With DUMBO you can adjust the handlebar geometry when and how you wish, obtaining the best possible riding position. Simple in adjustment, strong in its forged blockings, lightweight, DUMBO can become a […]

Bars of Beauty

It’s an Italian proverb that says that “a meal without wine is like a day without sunshine”. My postings recently have been so regular that my proverb should be “a day without a post is like….” errr…. that’s why I don’t write proverbs for a living. Answers on […]

Eurovelo 5: Remember That?

I have spent tha last week banging on about butterfly handlebars so it is a relief to post about the Eurovelo 5 again, albeit during a “nuit blanche”; I have man flu and can’t sleep…. So, as one does on such occasions, I was browsing the list of […]

Immigrant Handlebars

My immigrant handlebars (Modolo Yuma etc…) are winging their way to the UK as I type! She was a bigot in my opinion (the kind of person who starts sentences with “I’m not a racist but….”). My handlebars are just as welcome as all the other hard-working residents of our country […]

Searching for Eurovelo 5

I do find the statistics of the Internet fascinating almost to the point of geekdom, hence the previous post. It is, for example, depressingly fascinating (but very predictable) that the USA dominates the list of the 100 most-visited sites and that Google tops that list. Interesting that Luxembourg (a link with […]

Eurovelo 5 Catch Up

I’ve discussed much on here recently; Mark Beaumont, butterfly handlebars, commuting, Twitter, Geoff Boycott(!)… but not much of Eurovelo 5 and my plans to cycle from Reading to Brindisi kicking off on Sunday 18th July, a little over two-months away. So here is a summary of progress I’m […]

EV5 – 2 Months

My handlebars arrived but they were motorcycle-type number plates (registration P26 something). Despite the contents of the package, the bike had been converted to an “upright” style, but looked like a Winnebago complete with roof canopy and shed at the back. The forks were very angular and had bright […]

A Date for Reggie’s Surgery

I headed off into town last night to chat to Evans Cycles about having the butterflies fitted. There is no way I am going within a mile of AW Cycles with the intention of discussing arranging for the bars to be changed by them; they have made their opinions […]