Easter, Venison and Bullet Points

Nearly there. Just one more day until the second biggest reason to be a teacher starts; the Easter holidays. I know that sounds a bit cynical so apologies to those educational purists who want us all to be teachers because it is our “calling”, but we all have […]

Three Important Months

On the 18th March I blogged about it being four months exactly until the day that I set off on my little cycling adventure. Actually, although I was correct, the most important period of time in terms of preparation is going to be from the 1st April to […]

Skyping with Vancouver

Just had a very interesting Skype conversation with Michael in Vancouver; a keen cyclist who is planning to cycle in Italy later in the summer. It’s so nice to have a face-to-face conversation with someone about cycling plans! Thanks Michael. We promised to catch up again soon. You […]

Around the World in…. 99 Days?

In around twice the amount of time that I am planning on cycling from the UK to Puglia, this guy – Alan Bate is his name – is planning to cycle “around the World”. In the words of his own press release: On the 31/03/10, British professional racing […]

Bans, Bears and Debit Cards

There is a certain irony that my previous post – Banned at Last! – appears to be having some problems getting published on this site. It doesn’t appear unless you are logged in, which means that only I can see it! Very strange. Let’s hope the censors at […]

Banned at last!

My cousin David has emailed in response to the email that I sent out myself informing friends and family that the blog had moved from Blogger to WordPress; 2 months since you sent me this and I wasn’t allowed to do the link at work – you’re censored! […]