They are very supportive – two fellow languages teachers – but they are sceptical as to whether I will be able to cycle from Reading to Puglia. I shall prove them wrong of course…

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When I posted the previous message, I did worry that it was a bit boring and administrative; it was simply a letter from my employer confirming that I would be able to purchase my bike through the “cycle to work” scheme. It is bizarre then that such a […]

Redacted Good News

This may look like one of those letters that was published at the height of the parliamentary expenses scandal, but it isn’t. The first line explains all: I am writing to advise you of the amendment to your contract of employment following your recent Cycle-Plus application…. I can […]


In a comment to the previous post about the St. Gotthard Pass, William, chair of the Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome points out diplomatically “You know that is a picture of the Great St Bernard Pass of course”. Well, in all honesty, I think I got distracted by […]

The Saint Gotthard Pass

Yesterday’s practical pilgrimage day got me thinking about crossing the Alps again. The Via Francigena crosses the mountains at the Great St. Bernard Pass. The Eurovelo 5 crosses at via the Saint Gotthard Pass. I have just found a useful website all about cycling in the Alps. Its […]

The Confraternity: The Day After

Meeting my niece in London after the meeting yesterday was the thin end of the wedge. Several beers later I arrived home in Reading and then tackled a bottle of wine so, as I write, I have a little bit of a hangover. What follows is a more […]

The Confraternity: Quick Report

Interesting afternoon. There were a variety of people to listen to. None had actually cycled to Rome although cycling was referenced quite a lot, as was camping which of course is relevant. My main thoughts however are about why I am following the Eurovelo 5 from Calais to Switzerland […]