Getting a Handle on the Handlebars

I think I’ve finally been won over by Reggie’s handlebars. The new ones have just passed a 16 km test; they are comfortable, in a better position (the old ones were too far away from me!), have much more room for hands on the horizontal bar and enable me […]

Bloody Marvelous Friday

Well so far, my aim to make Good Friday “Bloody Marvelous Friday” is going to plan. I’ve picked up the bike from AW Cycles and they have, as promised, changed the handlebars for a set that are much wider and have far more space to place my hands […]

A Route from Oxford to Milan?

It’s been a few weeks since anyone new has been in contact with me who is in some way interested in the cycling to Italy project so I am delighted to have been emailed by a guy called Neil Shirley who is planning on cycling from Oxford to […]

Easter, Venison and Bullet Points

Nearly there. Just one more day until the second biggest reason to be a teacher starts; the Easter holidays. I know that sounds a bit cynical so apologies to those educational purists who want us all to be teachers because it is our “calling”, but we all have […]

Three Important Months

On the 18th March I blogged about it being four months exactly until the day that I set off on my little cycling adventure. Actually, although I was correct, the most important period of time in terms of preparation is going to be from the 1st April to […]

Skyping with Vancouver

Just had a very interesting Skype conversation with Michael in Vancouver; a keen cyclist who is planning to cycle in Italy later in the summer. It’s so nice to have a face-to-face conversation with someone about cycling plans! Thanks Michael. We promised to catch up again soon. You […]

Around the World in…. 99 Days?

In around twice the amount of time that I am planning on cycling from the UK to Puglia, this guy – Alan Bate is his name – is planning to cycle “around the World”. In the words of his own press release: On the 31/03/10, British professional racing […]

Bans, Bears and Debit Cards

There is a certain irony that my previous post – Banned at Last! – appears to be having some problems getting published on this site. It doesn’t appear unless you are logged in, which means that only I can see it! Very strange. Let’s hope the censors at […]

Banned at last!

My cousin David has emailed in response to the email that I sent out myself informing friends and family that the blog had moved from Blogger to WordPress; 2 months since you sent me this and I wasn’t allowed to do the link at work – you’re censored! […]