Be Aware, Not Beware!

Just been to work (yes, on a Sunday!) to collect some stuff that I need to do during the second half of the school holidays; I was planning on doing the work actually at work but now I am expecting the tent, panniers and shoes to be delivered […]

Eurovelo 5 in Italy; La Via dei Pellegrini

Now that my detailed itinerary has hit the Italian border, my efforts need to turn to La Via dei Pellegrini in Italy itself. Regular readers of this blog will know that the Eurovelo 5 cycle route, although often associated with the Via Francigena pilgrim route does not really follow the same path. The […]

Couchsurfing: Practical Advice

Laura Birchenough writes from Greece in response to my question about how she got on Couchsurfing in southern Italy; Hi Andrew, How are your plans coming along for your trip, good luck! I can honestly say that it is my couch surfing experiences that have made this trip […]

The Bar Bag Debate

I cycled with a bar bag last summer. Very useful, especially as it is a place upon which you can lay a map. However the Ridgeback has much more going on on the horizontal bar than my Trek does, notably the new bike has two brake levers; can […]

Warmshowers / CCI

I joined last night. Mark Beaumont mentions the site in his book about cycling around the World and I have mentioned them on here before. They are a Couchsurfing service specifically aimed at cyclists. Apart from setting up a profile, I have started a forum thread about […]

Making Investments

I said in a post just before Easter that I was going to avoid buying lots of equipment for the trip over the holidays…. errr, failed miserably on that score. I have just bought, sorry, invested in (sounds less fickle) some panniers – the Ortlieb ones I mentioned, […]

Cycling Shoes: Oxford

No word from Decathlon about the shoes – see post below – so my search takes me to the dreaming spires of Oxford and its bike shops. It’s a short and inexpensive train journey from Reading and, with the sky a deep blue and the run shining, a […]

Jane Tomlinson’s Marathon Bike Ride

I just came across these webpages which have been archived on the BBC website. They are about Jane Tomlinson and how she cycled from Rome to Leeds in May 2004. Here is an extract about Jane Tomlinson from Wikipedia; Jane Emily Goward was born in Wakefield in Yorkshire in […]