Cycle Tramps… From Calderdale

I received a message this week on the Facebook page from Neola Kay Wilby; “I’ve just been looking at your route for the summer. My boyfriend and I will be cycling from northern Spain to Croatia then to Romania, cross through Germany, Amsterdam and back home! We’re doing it over […]

Originally posted on Overland from Japan:
January in Fukushima is cold. Snow falls, and becomes ice. Cycling is dangerous. As a result, January has been an indoor month for us. We’ve been flexing our online shopping muscles, ordering and taking delivery of gear for touring. This has been…

Le Tour De Calderdale?

On watching the video below your first reaction may be ‘hasn’t the person behind the camera got better things to do with their time on a cold, snowy day in the north of England?‘. It is a film of a journey through Calderdale in West Yorkshire but not […]

Originally posted on All Seasons Cyclist:
Good Vibrations I’ve always wanted to go on a month-long cycling trip, but until I can find the time to do so I have to settle on reading the adventures of other cyclists. A few weeks ago Andrew P. Sykes sent me…

“An Excellent Read” ****

“I thought this book may maybe a bit boring considering I have recently read several cycling travel books of people travelling around the World. But in fact it was a very good read mainly due to the writer’s skill of making even the most mundane day sound interesting. […]

“What’s The EU Ever Done For Us?”

The following letter appeared in The Guardian on 12th January. It’s worth a read in light of today’s speech from David Cameron: “At last we may get a debate on Britain’s relationship with Europe (Leader, 11 January). What did the EEC/EU ever do for us? Not much, apart from: providing […]