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Sun Day & Sunday

We are currently going through a mini heat-wave here in south-east England (confirmed by the fact that earlier this week the first hose-pipe ban was announced…). Temperatures are predicted to soar to around 30 degrees today (in the shade). I cast my mind back to a similar sun-drenched […]

Cathching Up With the EV5 Community

Todd Rygh writes (and I respond in red); Hello Andrew, I just finished watching England-Germany. Not the result I was hoping for.ย  Me neither, but they deserve nothing better! I am preparing my own bicycle journey from Winchester to Brindisi in late August through September, and I have […]

The List: An Update

A couple of weeks ago I made a list…. Let’s see how I am doing with just over one week to go; 1. Finish planning the routeย – Nowhere near finished; I have got as far as Strasbourg with some stages only remarkable in their lack of detail 2. […]

Just another manic Monday

I don’t end to have the time (or energy) to post mid-week in term term but today is an exception as it’s been a busy Puglia 2010 day. Recieved a couple of emails, one from Kevin Payne at CTC who has pointed me in the direction of someone […]


There are various other people now involved in some way, shape or form with my little summer trip to Puglia; Basil & Liz Ford I have known Basil & his wife Liz for most of my years living in Reading. He is a fellow languages teacher and we […]