The following people have been in contact and expressed interest and support in my plans to cycle the Eurovelo 8. Some are also planning to cycle some or all of the route themselves.

Alex – planning to cycle the Eurovelo 8.

Ana – cycled Barcelona to Venice in August 2011.

Jean-Noël Allain – planing a trip in Italy along the Po.

Lisa Bue – planning a trip along the Mediterranean in the south of France.

Cristian Coliselli – cycled Verona to Tarifa in January 2012.

Dominique Corver – cycled the Eurovelo 8 with her boyfriend in Spring 2012.

Anthony Dennis – is cycling to Spain from the UK in summer 2012 and will be following the Eurovelo 8 route in Spain itself. Read about their adventure of Anthony’s website.

Flavia – planning to cycle the Eurovelo 8.

Rachel Golden – an American who is planning to cycle the whole of the Eurovelo 8 in 2012.

Manuel Gunzburger – is cycling from Monaco to Croatia & is looking for help with the route. Contact him; “I decided, a few days ago, to take my bike with a good friend, and to go to Croatia, maybe Dubrovnik, starting from Monaco. The only problem we’ve encountered, and not the least, is that we can’t find recent “logbook” about the trip. Let me explain: we would like to know, before leaving Monaco, which steps, legs, we will do. We would like to plan, for each day, where we will start, where we will stop, how many km will we have to do. Actually, we would like to find exact maps of the route, and maybe some informations (where to sleep…) about each place. Could you help us?”

Charles Hedden – cycled from Lisbon to Split in Croatia in summer 2011:

As I mentioned earlier, I did a portion of the EV8 this summer. I started in Lisbon, Portugal and ended in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The route is amazing, but not terribly well-developed for cycling. I found Croatia to be simultaneously the best and worst country for biking. The best because of the dramatic scenery and many interesting islands to visit, and the worst because once you are off of the islands, the magisterial road which presses against the side of the mountain with little or no railing, no curb, and strong mountain-ocean wind shear is a two lane road where I found myself reconnecting to a higher being. Island hopping is also inconvenient because many passenger ferries do not allow bicycles, only car-ferries accommodate bikes at this point. This meant that I had to back track at many points during my island excursions. The French and Italian sections were pretty good, with great scenery and food along the way. Slovenia, surprisingly, had great bicycle routes, and seems to have something akin to a bicycle highway system. Another important lesson learned – don’t take your bicycle with you to the lagoon in Venice, crossing bridge after bridge with a fully loader touring bike gets you old quick!”

Paula Kaufman“I bike to work in Palestine up some hills. I will be finished with my work in the West Bank in February, at which I am hoping to embark upon a 3-4 month exploration of Europe. Initially, I thought trains would be nice. But, I am an outdoorsperson and then thought, “why not bike?” I thought of the Eurovelo 8 route because when I would be biking (after Feb) I needed a warmer route. I also thought it would be pretty.”

Jonathan – “A friend and I (niether whom have cycled more than to the shops or around town before) have decided to do part of the Eurovelo 8 this summer 2012. We are going to fly into Girona, Northern Spain and cycle to Monaco along the French leg of Eurovelo 8.”

Zita Orova – planning to cycle the Eurovelo 8.

Monica Piercy“I’m trying to plan that route for my own journey, but am struggling a little – your help would be appreciated… I am cycling from Lisbon-Athens. So maybe we will meet along the way as you are planning the route from the other direction?”

Camila Pradini – planing a trip through the south of France.

Jeni Quilter – planning to cycle the Eurovelo 8.

Owen Riddall – from Buckinghamshire in the UK is planning to cycle the Spanish part of the route… sometime.

R. Rocca – cycled from Venice to Athens in 2012.

Jonathan Sirois – planning the Spanish portion of the route.

Mark Stewart – cycling in summer 2010 from somewhere east of Madrid on the Spanish east coast, through France, into Italy and then hooking up with the Eurovelo 5 and going to Bern, Switzerland. (“Or something like that” as he says….)

Ali Tamlit“If anyone is interested in Eurovelo 8 from Greece to Croatia my girlfriend and I did 800km+ of the “route” in the spring. I just finished a brief blog and if anyone wants more specifics I would be happy to help.”

Matthias Total – cycled from the south of France to Gibraltar.

Levi Van Dijck – cycling part of the Eurovelo 8 in September 2012.

Bob Van Stee – planning on starting in Spain and following the route into France.

Yaara – planning on cycling the Eurovelo 8.

Agata Zwan – lives in Gibraltar & had family who cycled along the Spanish section of the Eurovelo 8.

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